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Selling Your Home In Columbine West

by John Basila

If you've been considering Selling Your Home In Columbine West, now is a perfect time to get the process started.

With Spring just around the corner, Columbine West Residents are sprucing up their homes in anticipation of going on the market.  Although we've got quite a bit of snow on the ground, there are numerous projects you can tackle while you're stuck inside.

As your Columbine West Realtor, I am available for a free consultation to help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to improvements.  Here are just a few things to keep you busy over the next month or two:

  • Touch up your baseboards and trim with paint or furniture "blemish" sticks
  • Paint that purple room a nice, neutral color
  • Clean kitchen appliances, your furnace, hot water heater and vents
  • Fill holes in walls & doors and touch up paint & stain
  • Declutter your closets and cabinets
  • Replace that torn or knicked linoleum
  • Update lighting fixtures
  • Clean blinds and wash curtains
  • Repair leaking faucets, toilets and drains

By taking care of these things now, you'll speed up the process Selling Your Home In Columbine West

If you'd like to do a little research on home sales in the neighborhood, see my previous article on 2010 Columbine West Home Sales.  If you'd like up to the minute statistics, contact me at (303) 589-9034.

Although there are some other real estate agents advertising in our neighborhood newsletter, here's just a few reasons why you should choose John Basila as your Columbine West Realtor:

  • Long-term resident of Columbine West
  • Vested interest in improving our prices
  • Strong negotiation skills yield my Sellers 99.5%+ of their List Price
  • Multi-Year Member of the HOA Board (CWCA Board of Directors)
  • Professional and Customer-Focused
  • State of the Art Tools & Marketing, including a heavy web presence
  • Virtual Tours
  • Professional Photography
  • Member of National Assn. of Realtors, Colorado Assn. of Realtors, South Metro Denver Board of Realtors, Institute for Luxury Home Marketing

I pride myself on getting my Sellers the best price for their home with the least amount of hassle and most professional service.  Contact me today for a free Market Analysis of the value of your home.

When it comes to Selling Your Home In Columbine West, trust John Basila - An Agent For YOUR Success! 


Electronic Lockboxes

by John Basila

One of the new tools I use to provide my Sellers with superior service is the Electronic Lockbox.

Denver real estate is still behind the times a little when it comes to lockboxes.  With the advent of Electronic Lockboxes and all of their benefits, Denver Realtors still have not latched on to the idea.

Sentrilock Electronic Lockbox

My favorite feature of the Electronic Lockbox is its enhanced security for my sellers.  If you utilize old-style lockboxes, once somebody has the code, there is the potential for them to revisit or share the code with somebody else.  This is primarily an issue with one-time contractors that might get access from the Seller.

With the Sentrilock Lockboxes available in Denver, you can provide everyone wanting access to the property with their own discreet code.  Not only is it a "one-time" code, but I can review all of the access events to the property with a time stamp, verifying who has actually accessed the property.

Although the Electronic Lockbox is not required in Denver, you might consider them as a "value added" service for your clients.  My Sellers truly appreciate the additional safety and accountability offered with the Sentrilock system. 

If you're a Seller seeking an Agent with state of the art tools and capabilities, contact Denver Realtor John Basila (303) 589-9034.

The Value of a Home Warranty

by John Basila

Whether I'm acting as a Buyer's Agent or a Seller's Agent, I always stress the value of a Home Warranty with my clients.

From a Seller's perspective, there are a number of reasons why it's important to Piggy Bankprovide a Home Warranty to your Buyers.  Not only will it eliminate the vast majority of home inspection issues, but it will also cover basic systems while your home is on the market.  It's almost like Murphy's Law in the sense that, as soon as the sign goes in the yard, something in the house will need repair.  For roughly $300, Sellers can sleep comfortably at night knowing that they're protected should a major system fail.

Another great feature for the Seller is that the Home Warranty can be paid at Closing.  For Sellers, the value of a Home Warranty is unquestionable.

For Buyers, the value of a Home Warranty is just as important.  The last thing you want to happen after you sink most of your available cash into a home is for a major system like the furnace or hot water heater to fail.

Buyers also have the ability to "upgrade" Home Warranties to cover additional items like air conditioners and refrigerators.

When you're planning to Buy or Sell a home, be sure to include a Home Warranty.  Your peace of mind never came so cheaply!

Pricing Your Home To Sell

by John Basila

When I meet with my Sellers to earn their Listings, one of the most important topics we discuss is Pricing Your Home To Sell.

Let's face it - we're not in a booming market...surprise, surprise...  If you purchased your home at fair market value in the past five years with less than 20% down, or if you refinanced and took out some equity (cash), you're probably on the edge of breaking even, or worse, if you must sell your home today.

If you must sell, it can be an akward discussion that we have.  Nobody wants to bring money to the table, but if you want to sell your home and move forward, it's all about Pricing Your Home To Sell.

This week, I received a report, 88 pages long, of properties that have received a Notice of Election and Demand - which is a notice from the County that your Lender has started the Foreclosure process on your property.  That's 614 properties just this week.  These properties will be hitting the market in Spring if the Borrowers' deficiencies aren't satisfied.  If your home is on the market, you'll have some serious competition because they'll be offered at below market value prices.  But, they probably won't be as nice as yours...

It's funny to me, now, that a lot of Real Estate Agents will specifically state in the MLS that the property they're marketing is a "Normal Sale".  A few years ago, who would have thought that would be a selling point!!

If my Sellers are close to the edge, they'll often want to price their home so they won't need to bring money to the table.  If they attempt to do this, I must express two key consequences of this action:

    Buyers who can afford their home will not see it in their searches

    Buyers will compare their home to much better homes

The key to Pricing Your Home To Sell is to list it at a price at which it will sell.  It might cost you a few dollars, but at least it will sell.  If you overprice it, you will get few showings and will likely not receive any offers.  And your home will sit on the market day after day, after day, after day.

If you're on the edge or you know someone who is, have them contact Denver Realtor John Basila.  Pricing Your Home To Sell is one of the most important aspects of selling a home in today's market.

Displaying blog entries 1-4 of 4

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