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Littleton Real Estate Had A Strong 2016

by John Basila

Littleton Real Estate had a Strong 2016 performance!! 

Detached Home Sales continued to be strong in 2016, with 2,361 Sales.  We're averaging almost 200 homes sold every month over the past 5 years.  There are currently only 151 houses that are "Active", which means that the Littleton Real Estate Market is still in a strong "Seller's Market".


With the huge demand and limited inventory, prices have continued to increase at a strong rate.  In 2016, Median Home Prices for Littleton Real Estate improved by 8.8 percent, up to $403,500.

With the huge demand and limited inventory, homes tended to sell quickly in 2016.  The Littleton Real Estate average for Days On Market was 24 Days last year.  This is how long a house is "Active" until it goes "Under Contract".  Performance in 2016 was comparable to 2015.

Expectations are that the Littleton Real Estate Market will continue to be strong in 2017.  If you're considering Selling your house or if you just want to know what the current market value of your house is, contact Littleton Realtor John Basila for a complimentary Market Analysis. 

John Basila, Broker/Owner of A Denver Home can be reached via email at or by phone at 303-589-9034.

Columbine West Real Estate Performs Well in 2016

by John Basila

Last Year was a good year for Columbine West Real Estate!!

Beyond most expectations, the Median Home Values for Columbine West Real Estate increased by 9.4%.

Columbine West Real Estate Values outperformed the Littleton Real Estate increase of 8.9% in 2016.

Over the past 7 years, Columbine West has averaged 6 home sales per month.  In 2016, the Columbine West Real Estate market performed better than average, with 77 sales.  We currently only have ONE home that is actively for sale, which means that Columbine West Real Estate is still in a strong "Seller's Market".  There is still a huge demand for Sellers in Columbine West.

With the huge demand and limited inventory, homes are still selling very quickly if the house is priced right & in good condition.  On average, homes in Columbine West were only active for 6 days before going "Under Contract" with a Buyer. 

At A Denver Home, our Sellers average 2.4 Days On Market and sell their houses for 102.2% of their aggressive List Prices.  If you're interested in Selling your current house or simply want to know its current Market Value, please contact Littleton Realtor John Basila for a complimentary Market Analysis.  Columbine West Real Estate is expected to have another stellar year in 2017.

John Basila, Broker/Owner of A Denver Home, can be reached by email at or by phone at 303-589-9034.

You've probably heard it a lot throughout the last year - Denver Real Estate & Littleton Real Estate are in a strong Seller's Market, there's a limited inventory of homes for sale, prices for real estate are growing by leaps and bounds...

Denver Real Estate has been listed multiple times over the past year as a top market for price appreciation and speed of sale.  Did you know Littleton Real Estate slightly outperformed Denver Real Estate in 2015?

Littleton Real Estate prices for Single Family Residences (detached) grew by over 12% in 2015!!  The Median Value of Littleton homes sold was up to $371,000, slightly above Denver's Median Price of $342,500.

Littleton Real Estate continued to remain strong in 2015, with sales of Single Family Residences (detached) comparable to the past few years.

In a strong Seller's Market, you expect properties to sell quickly.  Littleton Real Estate was in such high demand in 2015, that properties lasted less than a week before they went "Under Contract".  Littleton Real Estate's 6 Days was slightly faster than Denver Real Estate's 8 Days.  We've developed a number of strategies that helped our Buyers & Sellers succeed in this frenzied market!

Littleton Real Estate continues to be strong, and we're still faced with a limited inventory of homes for sale.  If you're considering Selling Your House, please visit for a complimentary Property Evaluation.  You can also email or phone us for your customized report.

Denver Home Sales Remain Strong Through 2015

by John Basila

The Denver Real Estate Market continued to thrive during 2015.  Every few weeks last year, we'd see a story about how Denver was among the top markets in the nation for home sales, appreciation and speed of sales.

Denver Home Sales were stable in 2015, with 42,849 Single Family Residences (Detached) sold.

The Denver Real Estate Market continued to be a Strong Seller's Market in 2015.  Properties were literally flying off the shelves!!  Our "Days On Market" averaged 8 Days!!

Demand for Single Family Residences has been huge, and with our continued problem of Limited Inventory, prices grew by another 12.6%.

If you've been thinking of Selling Your House in Denver, now is the time to do it!!  Most of the pundits believe that our continued rate of price appreciation cannot be sustained, and that growth in 2016 will slow to the single digits.

If you'd like a complimentary Market Evaluation on your house, please visit, or contact us via email or phone.

Denver Real Estate Market Needs Sellers!

by John Basila

Imagine making a trip to the local grocery store and finding four out of ten aisles blocked off & empty.  What are the odds that you'll find what you're looking for?

The Denver Real Estate Market is in a very similar situation.  The number of available homes for sale is down 39% from last January.  The Denver Real Estate Market Needs Sellers!

There are a significant number of Buyers that are ready, willing and able to purchase a home in Denver, but the limited inventory of homes has created a competitive and Seller-Friendly market.  When a decent home comes on the market at a fair price, it's being sold in a matter of days!  

If you or someone you know has been "on the fence" and waiting for the market to improve, now is the time to act!  The Denver Real Estate Market Needs Sellers!  With limited inventory, you're more likely to get top dollar for your home.  Waiting until Spring to list your home will bring a lot more competition for Buyers.

The Denver Real Estate Market Needs Sellers!  For a complimentary Market Analysis of your home's value, contact John Basila (303)589-9034.  You can also visit to get your free report.

Choosing to put your home on the market now will help you take advantage of favorable market conditions in the Denver Real Estate Market.


Jefferson County Real Estate Improving

by John Basila

Today's Denver Post had an article titled "Sales of previously owned homes down"...while the Wall Street Journal titled their article "Existing Home Sales Surge".  The funny thing is, they're both quoting the same statistics!  December 2010 showed an increase, nationwide, over December 2009, while overall sales for the year were down.

National Real Estate number are reflective of the nation.  However, everyone knows that Real Estate is a local market.  Recent LOCAL data shows Jefferson County Real Estate Improving.

The national averages quoted by the newspapers show that existing home sales were down 4.8 percent nationally in 2010.  Jefferson County sales were only down 2.0 percent. 

Even better news showing Jefferson County Real Estate Improving is based on prices.  The average "Sold" price for Jefferson County Home Sales was up 4.6 percent, to $261,339.  The Denver Metro area prices were down 3.4 percent in 2010.

Factor in the 3.9 percent decrease in the time it's taking to sell a home, and you'll see Jefferson County Real Estate Improving at a better rate than the nation!

So when the newspapers quote their national figures, with different "takes", remember that Real Estate is local.  And our neighborhoods are doing much better than other Denver neighborhoods and much of the rest of the nation.

Displaying blog entries 1-6 of 6

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