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Columbine West 2018 Real Estate Recap

by John Basila

Columbine West 2018 Real Estate Recap

by John Basila, posted 2/12/2019

Columbine West continued to be a strong Real Estate market in 2018. Historically speaking, there are typically 6 or 7 homes sold every month in Columbine West. Although 2018 wasn't as strong as some previous years, the lack of available homes for sale probably played a role in the decline. At the moment, for instance, there is only one home that is "Active" in the REColorado MLS. That means that there is only a 5 Day Supply of homes!

We are still in a very strong "Seller's Market". A "Balanced Market" means that there are four to six months of Inventory. A "Buyer's Market" is when there are more than 6 months of Inventory, so Buyers have the ability to be a little pickier and Sellers have to make more concessions. This "Seller's Market" will continue through the next year or so, at least, according to many experts.

As evidence of our "Seller's Market" in Columbine West, homes are still selling very quickly. The average Days On Market (DOM) in the Denver Metro Area is around 30 Days. The historical average in the Denver Metro over the last 50 years has been 70 Days. In 2018, Columbine West saw the same 6 Days On Market as we've seen over the past few years. If your property is priced right, it will sell quickly, and probably with multiple offers.

Recently, Lon Welsh of First Alliance Title revealed to me that those Sellers that priced their home correctly in the Denver Metro over the past 24 months, were sold in 13 Days On Market. If the Sellers had overpriced their home, it took 58 Days On Market and a price reduction to get it sold. My Sellers "Net" almost 103% of their List Price because we price their property correctly.

Incidentally, homes that were priced right sold more quickly in February, March and April in 2018. Since there's limited inventory before Spring, properties were gobbled up in less than two weeks in early 2018!!

Since the "Seller's Market" continues to be strong in Columbine West, you will not be surprised that our Property Values continue to rise. Did you get your new Tax Bill from Jefferson County, yet?? :-)

With limited inventory and a ton of Buyers waiting to purchase, our prices in Columbine West have continued their growth. Although we're not seeing the Double-Digit price appreciation that we saw in 2014 & 2015, we still saw a healthy 6.3% Increase in the Average Sale Price for 2018. Experts expect the rate of appreciation to continue to hover in the 5% to 6% range over the next two years.

If you've been thinking of Selling your property, now is a great time to beat the competition!! For a complimentary Market Analysis of your property, please call me. You can email me at You can also get an "automated" analysis at


7864 West Ontario Place is our latest Listing: a 4-Bed, 3.25 Bath Home in Columbine West.  If you love to entertain, you'll treasure the Open Kitchen/Living Room Layout and the Fully Finished Basement with Wet Bar and included Kegerator & Mini-Fridge.

When the weather's good, head to the back yard, which features a Gazebo, Rock Wall, Hot Tub, Fire Pit and Grill/Bar area. 

There are 2 Bedrooms & a Full Bath on the Main Level.  Upstairs, there are 2 Bedroom Suites, one of which is the Master Suite.

Call John Basila, your Columbine Realtor, today for your private tour:  303-589-9034

Littleton Real Estate Had A Strong 2016

by John Basila

Littleton Real Estate had a Strong 2016 performance!! 

Detached Home Sales continued to be strong in 2016, with 2,361 Sales.  We're averaging almost 200 homes sold every month over the past 5 years.  There are currently only 151 houses that are "Active", which means that the Littleton Real Estate Market is still in a strong "Seller's Market".


With the huge demand and limited inventory, prices have continued to increase at a strong rate.  In 2016, Median Home Prices for Littleton Real Estate improved by 8.8 percent, up to $403,500.

With the huge demand and limited inventory, homes tended to sell quickly in 2016.  The Littleton Real Estate average for Days On Market was 24 Days last year.  This is how long a house is "Active" until it goes "Under Contract".  Performance in 2016 was comparable to 2015.

Expectations are that the Littleton Real Estate Market will continue to be strong in 2017.  If you're considering Selling your house or if you just want to know what the current market value of your house is, contact Littleton Realtor John Basila for a complimentary Market Analysis. 

John Basila, Broker/Owner of A Denver Home can be reached via email at or by phone at 303-589-9034.

Columbine West Real Estate Performs Well in 2016

by John Basila

Last Year was a good year for Columbine West Real Estate!!

Beyond most expectations, the Median Home Values for Columbine West Real Estate increased by 9.4%.

Columbine West Real Estate Values outperformed the Littleton Real Estate increase of 8.9% in 2016.

Over the past 7 years, Columbine West has averaged 6 home sales per month.  In 2016, the Columbine West Real Estate market performed better than average, with 77 sales.  We currently only have ONE home that is actively for sale, which means that Columbine West Real Estate is still in a strong "Seller's Market".  There is still a huge demand for Sellers in Columbine West.

With the huge demand and limited inventory, homes are still selling very quickly if the house is priced right & in good condition.  On average, homes in Columbine West were only active for 6 days before going "Under Contract" with a Buyer. 

At A Denver Home, our Sellers average 2.4 Days On Market and sell their houses for 102.2% of their aggressive List Prices.  If you're interested in Selling your current house or simply want to know its current Market Value, please contact Littleton Realtor John Basila for a complimentary Market Analysis.  Columbine West Real Estate is expected to have another stellar year in 2017.

John Basila, Broker/Owner of A Denver Home, can be reached by email at or by phone at 303-589-9034.

This 3 Bedroom / 1 Bath home has been well maintained and is move-in ready!

Located near C470 & Kipling, this Split-Level home offers an ideal location just one block from Wingate South Park and it's trails and amenities.  Schools, Dining and Shopping are within walking distance!

Features include Newer Stainless Steel Appliances, Newer Roof, Newer Gutters, Newer Exterior Paint and freshly cleaned carpets.

Entertainers will love the large yard, featuring a Fire Pit, Built-In Horseshoe Pits and a large deck.

Details and Pictures:

Contact John Basila for your private showing:  (303)589-9034

Grant Ranch Real Estate Has A Healthy 2015!

by John Basila

Grant Ranch Real Estate enjoyed another year of strong sales and price appreciation.

Overall, Grant Ranch had 52 homes sold in 2015.  This is slightly more than the average of the past five years.

Although 2015 was very much a "Seller's Market" for Grant Ranch Real Estate, there has been a significant increase in inventory in the past few months, with 12 homes now "Active" in the MLS.  This means that there are three months worth of inventory available.  Most surrounding neighborhoods only have about a month's worth of inventory.

With demand high in 2015, it took fewer days to sell a property than in prior years.  The Median Days On Market for Grant Ranch Real Estate in 2015 was down to 12 Days.

With the Holidays and slowing demand, the fewest days on market for the 12 "Active" properties is 29 Days.  This might provide an opportunity for Buyers that have an interest in Grant Ranch Real Estate.

Last year, Grant Ranch properties also had a healthy increase in Median Sales Value.  With a 10% increase in sales prices, Grant Ranch was close to the Littleton increase of 12.3%.

If you're thinking of selling your Grant Ranch property, it's important to consider the changing market and choose a professional to help you maximize your opportunities.  Please visit for a complimentary price analysis for your house.  You can also call us at (303)589-9034 or email us at

Governor's Ranch Real Estate Sees Improvement in 2015!

by John Basila

Governor's Ranch Real Estate had an excellent year in 2015!!  Governor's Ranch had more sales and a healthy increase in prices after the so-so performance of 2014.

Overall, there were 46 homes sold in Governor's Ranch in 2015, which was well above the average of the past few years.

Like the rest of Littleton, the Governor's Ranch neighborhood faced high demand for properties in 2015.  This helped prices to increase and the amount of time spent on the market to remain low.  In 2015, the Median Days on Market remained flat at 12 Days.

Governor's Ranch Real Estate enjoyed a healthy 11.6% Increase in Median Sales Value, which was pretty close to the Littleton average of 12.3%.

Demand continues to be strong for properties in Governor's Ranch.  There are currently 3 properties that are "Active".  With 4 homes being sold every month, it's still very much a "Seller's Market" in Governor's Ranch.

If you're considering selling your property, please feel free to visit for a complimentary pricing analysis for your house.  You can also call us at (303)589-9034 or email us at

Columbine Hills Real Estate Continues To Improve in 2015!

by John Basila

Columbine Hills Real Estate had another strong year in 2015.  Home sales remained steady while prices continued to increase and the length of time on the market declined.

It was a "Seller's Market" again in 2015 in Columbine Hills. Similar to the rest of Littleton, the neighborhood had a very limited inventory, which helped push the Median Days On Market down.

Overall, there were 63 homes sold in Columbine Hills in 2015, which is comparable to prior years.

With limited inventory and high demand, prices increased again in Columbine Hills in 2015.

Columbine Hills Real Estate enjoyed a nice increase in Median Sales Price in 2015.  This 10.3% increase was slightly behind the average for Littleton, which was 12.3%. 

Demand remains high for properties in the Columbine Hills neighborhood.  If you're considering selling your house, please feel free to go to for a complimentary pricing analysis for your property.  You can also call us at (303)589-9034 or email us at


Columbine West Real Estate Has An Awesome 2015 !

by John Basila

Columbine West Real Estate performed very well in 2015.  Even though there were more properties sold in Columbine West than in prior years, prices continued to rise and the length of time properties spent on the market declined.

On average, there were 8 homes sold each month in 2015 in the Columbine West neighborhood. 

There was a huge demand for houses in Columbine West in 2015.  With limited inventory still being an issue, Columbine West was very much a "Seller's Market".  This helped the Median Sales Price increase by 14.3%, which was significantly higher than the growth of 12.3% seen throughout Littleton, CO. Click here for more information on Littleton Real Estate.

It's also taking a lot fewer days to sell a property in Columbine West.  In 2015, the Median Days on Market fell to 5 Days. 

The Columbine West Real Estate market is still very hot!  Currently, there are no properties "Active" in the MLS.  There are a number of Buyers looking, but nothing to choose from.  If a property is in good condition and priced right, it will sell very quickly.

If you're thinking about Selling your house, please visit for a complimentary pricing analysis.  You can also contact us by phone at (303)589-9034 or via email at




You've probably heard it a lot throughout the last year - Denver Real Estate & Littleton Real Estate are in a strong Seller's Market, there's a limited inventory of homes for sale, prices for real estate are growing by leaps and bounds...

Denver Real Estate has been listed multiple times over the past year as a top market for price appreciation and speed of sale.  Did you know Littleton Real Estate slightly outperformed Denver Real Estate in 2015?

Littleton Real Estate prices for Single Family Residences (detached) grew by over 12% in 2015!!  The Median Value of Littleton homes sold was up to $371,000, slightly above Denver's Median Price of $342,500.

Littleton Real Estate continued to remain strong in 2015, with sales of Single Family Residences (detached) comparable to the past few years.

In a strong Seller's Market, you expect properties to sell quickly.  Littleton Real Estate was in such high demand in 2015, that properties lasted less than a week before they went "Under Contract".  Littleton Real Estate's 6 Days was slightly faster than Denver Real Estate's 8 Days.  We've developed a number of strategies that helped our Buyers & Sellers succeed in this frenzied market!

Littleton Real Estate continues to be strong, and we're still faced with a limited inventory of homes for sale.  If you're considering Selling Your House, please visit for a complimentary Property Evaluation.  You can also email or phone us for your customized report.

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