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Electronic Lockboxes

by John Basila

One of the new tools I use to provide my Sellers with superior service is the Electronic Lockbox.

Denver real estate is still behind the times a little when it comes to lockboxes.  With the advent of Electronic Lockboxes and all of their benefits, Denver Realtors still have not latched on to the idea.

Sentrilock Electronic Lockbox

My favorite feature of the Electronic Lockbox is its enhanced security for my sellers.  If you utilize old-style lockboxes, once somebody has the code, there is the potential for them to revisit or share the code with somebody else.  This is primarily an issue with one-time contractors that might get access from the Seller.

With the Sentrilock Lockboxes available in Denver, you can provide everyone wanting access to the property with their own discreet code.  Not only is it a "one-time" code, but I can review all of the access events to the property with a time stamp, verifying who has actually accessed the property.

Although the Electronic Lockbox is not required in Denver, you might consider them as a "value added" service for your clients.  My Sellers truly appreciate the additional safety and accountability offered with the Sentrilock system. 

If you're a Seller seeking an Agent with state of the art tools and capabilities, contact Denver Realtor John Basila (303) 589-9034.

Buyer's Representation

by John Basila

One of my clients recently asked a few questions that I hear fairly regularly.  In effect, she asked "What is Buyer's Representation?".

Everyone is probably aware that there is a Listing Agent that represents the Seller.  They put their sign in the yard, enter the property into the MLS, produce marketing and conduct showings to get the property sold.

If an unrepresented prospect attends an Open House  being held by the Listing Agent, they often don't realize that the Agent is working for the Seller, not them.  As a result, in Colorado, if an unrepresented prospect begins to talk about anything related to their ability to purchase the property or mention any personal financial information, it is required that the Listing Agent present them with a disclosure titled "Definitions of Working Relationships".  Thus, clarifying that the Agent does not represent them and that any information they share while unrepresented can be shared with the Seller.

A Buyer's Representative works exclusively for the Buyer.  They advocate on behalf of their clients and seek outcomes advantageous for their Buyers.  Buyer's Representation levels the playing field so that the Buyers will have someone looking out for their interests. 

In this day of cooperation, the Listing Agent shares their commission with the Buyers' Agent as an incentive to get qualified Buyers looking at the home.  In effect, having a Buyer's Agent costs nothing for the Buyer, since fees are paid by the Seller, and Buyer's Representation is invaluable when proceeding with the purchase of a home.

Buyer's Representation is also called Buyer's Agency.   As your Buyer's Agent, this relationship allows me to negotiate on your behalf, to coach you on the important decisions you'll make, to keep confidential your motivations and financial capabilities and oversee the timelines, inspections and paperwork to reach a successful Closing.  You have my loyalty, fiduciary duty, confidentiality and advocacy.

Denver Realtor John Basila provides Buyer's Representation throughout the State of Colorado, focusing primarily on the Denver area.  Call John today for your free consultation: (303)589-9034

Jefferson County Real Estate Improving

by John Basila

Today's Denver Post had an article titled "Sales of previously owned homes down"...while the Wall Street Journal titled their article "Existing Home Sales Surge".  The funny thing is, they're both quoting the same statistics!  December 2010 showed an increase, nationwide, over December 2009, while overall sales for the year were down.

National Real Estate number are reflective of the nation.  However, everyone knows that Real Estate is a local market.  Recent LOCAL data shows Jefferson County Real Estate Improving.

The national averages quoted by the newspapers show that existing home sales were down 4.8 percent nationally in 2010.  Jefferson County sales were only down 2.0 percent. 

Even better news showing Jefferson County Real Estate Improving is based on prices.  The average "Sold" price for Jefferson County Home Sales was up 4.6 percent, to $261,339.  The Denver Metro area prices were down 3.4 percent in 2010.

Factor in the 3.9 percent decrease in the time it's taking to sell a home, and you'll see Jefferson County Real Estate Improving at a better rate than the nation!

So when the newspapers quote their national figures, with different "takes", remember that Real Estate is local.  And our neighborhoods are doing much better than other Denver neighborhoods and much of the rest of the nation.

Ken Caryl Valley Real Estate

by John Basila

In 2010, Ken Caryl Valley Real Estate showed some improvement.  Although it wasn't a banner year, the modest improvements we see might be indicative of even better results in 2011.

Overall, the number of homes sold in the Ken Caryl Valley had their best performance in a few years.

Ken Caryl Valley Sold













The not-so-bright news is that the Average Sold Price declined a little in 2010.

Ken Caryl Valley Average Price













I believe that this decline in Average Price from 2009 is the result of a few foreclosures that were sold in 2010.  Ken Caryl Valley Real Estate hasn't been as affected by foreclosures as other Littleton neighborhoods have been over the past few years.  In 2010, there were three foreclosed properties sold.  All three sold for under $550,000, which affected the Average Price.  If we look at the Median Price, a value at which half of the homes sold for more than the value and half of the homes sold for less than the value, we actually see some improvement in pricing.

Ken Caryl Valley Median Price













As I mentioned in a previous blog post about Littleton Luxury Homes, there are signs that higher end real estate is improving in our part of Denver. 

When reviewing the current 32 Ken Caryl Valley Homes For Sale, there are no "distressed" properties on the market.  This might also be a positive sign for Sellers that prices will continue to improve.

However, with 32 homes on the market, and an average of six homes sold per month, there is currently a 5-Month Supply of homes.  This is indicative of a Buyer's market.  If you've been dreaming of moving to the Ken Caryl Valley, now might be a perfect time to get the best price on your dream home.  Contact Littleton Realtor John Basila for your confidential consultation.

2010 brought us some signs of improvement in Ken Caryl Valley Real Estate.  Let's hope that 2011 is a banner year!



Ken Caryl Ranch Real Estate

by John Basila

If you've been wanting to move to Ken Caryl Ranch, now might be a great time to take advantage of the bargains to be found.  Ken Caryl Ranch Real Estate performed poorly in 2010, so odds are good that 2011 will be a better year.

Although Ken Caryl Ranch Real Estate sales were flat in 2010, prices continued to decline on the average sale.

KC Ranch Prices 











The number of foreclosures in the Ken Caryl Ranch was steady in 2010, hovering at about 15%, which was the same as 2009.  When looking at current Ken Caryl Ranch Homes For Sale, only one of the 10 Active properties is "distressed".

More bad news for 2010 was that the average time on the market for Sellers was significantly higher than in the past few years.

KC Ranch DOM












Another indication that prices were soft for Ken Caryl Ranch Real Estate in 2010 comes from comparing the actual sales price to the original listing price.  We see that it's been a little tough to price properties over the past few years.

KC Ranch Pricing












The good news, at the moment, for Ken Caryl Ranch Real Estate, is that there's less competition on the market, making it a better market for Sellers.  With an average of 3.25 homes sold per month, and only 10 homes on the market, the inventory is down to three months of supply!  This is close to being a "Sellers" market for the next month or two.

As Spring arrives, more homes will hit the market, which will erase any advantage that Sellers might have right now.  If you're considering selling your Ken Caryl Ranch home, contact John Basila for a confidential consultation.

If you're interested in buying a home in Ken Caryl Ranch, there are still a few bargains to be found, with a lot more coming this Spring.  Contact John Basila for more information.


Grant Ranch Real Estate Is Still Struggling

by John Basila

It's been a tough couple of years for Grant Ranch Real Estate, and the most recent information indicates that Grant Ranch Real Estate Is Still Struggling.

There were fewer homes sold in 2010 in Grant Ranch, which extends a declining pattern since 2008.

Grant Ranch Sold Homes












While fewer homes are being sold in Grant Ranch, there is still a strong indication that prices have yet to stabilize. Grant Ranch Sold Prices











In fact, it was preferable for one of our Sellers to remove their home from the Grant Ranch Real Estate market, this past year, rather than continuing to lower their price to find the "magic number".  This uncertainty in the pricing arena can be stressful on Sellers, so holding out for another year or two to put your home on the market in this community will likely lead to better results.  If you're unable to wait, interview John Basila for the job of selling your home.  His Sellers Net 99.5% of their asking price and 95% of their original asking price, both exceeding local averages.

Another indication that Grant Ranch Real Estate Is Still Struggling comes from considering average sales prices and comparing them to their original list prices.  It's evident that the market is still soft.  In 2010, Sellers were only getting about 91% of their original asking price.

Grant Ranch % Original Price












Although Grant Ranch Real Estate Is Still Struggling, it's comforting to know that the community hasn't been significantly impacted by foreclosures.  When reviewing all of the current Grant Ranch Homes For Sale, we do not find any Short Sales or Bank/Government-Owned properties for sale.  In all of 2010, there were only 5 foreclosures sold in Grant Ranch.

If you're a Buyer interested in moving up to Grant Ranch, now is a great time to find a "deal".  With Interest Rates still low, you have an opportunity to find your dream home at a very affordable price.  Contact Littleton Realtor John Basila for your confidential consultation.

Columbine Knolls Real Estate

by John Basila

If you've been looking for a bright spot in Littleton Real Estate in 2010, take a stroll over to Columbine Knolls.  Columbine Knolls Real Estate is improving at a steady pace.

When reviewing 2010 neighborhood performance, I am most-heartened by the steady improvement of Columbine Knolls Real Estate.  The neighborhood is up in almost every category over the past few years, even with a slight increase in foreclosures iin 2010.

Columbine Knolls Homes Sold












In 2010, Columbine Knolls Real Estate also continued it's improvement in prices.  Although a three percent increase over the past few years doesn't sound very large, Columbine Knolls is bucking the general trend in Littleton.


Columbine Knolls Home Prices












Even better news, for Sellers in Columbine Knolls, is that it's taking a lot shorter time to sell their homes.  In 2010, Columbine Knolls homes sold 40% Faster than other Littleton neighborhoods, which averaged 88 days.

Columbine Knolls Timing












Columbine Knolls is a mature Littleton neighborhood that has great facilities, well-maintained parks and an active and well managed Homeowners' Association.  The stability and continued improvement of Columbine Knolls Real Estate acts like a rainbow to surrounding neighborhoods, who would all love to duplicate these results.

If you're a Columbine Knolls resident that's been thinking of upgrading, or even downsizing, the still-low Interest Rates and Improving Prices make this a great time to move forward.  Contact Littleton Realtor John Basila today for your confidential consultation.

Columbine Hills Real Estate

by John Basila

Although Real Estate conditions in a number of neighborhoods in Littleton improved in 2010, Columbine Hills Real Estate is still languishing.

Sales of Columbine Hills Real Estate improved in 2010, but prices were lower due to the continued impact of foreclosures on the neighborhood. Over the past two years, roughly 23% of the homes sold in Columbine Hills were properties that had been foreclosed upon by Banks and the Goverment.

Columbine Hills Home Sales












Of the 10 homes currently for sale in Columbine Hills, three of them are either foreclosures or pre-foreclosure Short Sales.  As long as Columbine Hills continues to have a significant percentage of distressed properties, prices are not expected to improve.

Columbine Hills Prices












Since 2008, the Price/Square Foot has dropped in Columbine Hills from an average of $140/SF down to $133/SF. 

Columbine Hills Real Estate has hopefully hit the bottom.  Over the next few months, we'll see if the distressed properties percentage declines, which would help improve pricing and offer a return to stabilization.

If you or someone you know in Columbine Hills is on the edge of foreclosure, there are a number of agencies and methods to help you save your home or, at least, save your credit.  Contact Littleton Realtor John Basila for your confidential consultation.

Governor's Ranch Home Sales In 2010

by John Basila

Taking a look at Governor's Ranch Home Sales In 2010, you might become a little optimistic!

Although our Average Price for Sold homes in Governor's Ranch is still seven percent below 2008, this past year has given us a good indication of how our neighborhood has started to improve.

Governor's RanchSome of the good news comes from data about Distressed Properties.  These are properties that have gone through foreclosure and were sold by the Bank or the Government.  The number of foreclosed homes in Governor's Ranch has remained steady over the past three years, with three in 2008 and only two in 2009 and two in 2010.


The number of Governor's Ranch Home Sales in 2010 improved, as well.  Although still not as high as the 46 homes sold in 2008, we saw a nice improvement during this past year.

Sold Homes in Governor's Ranch











When looking at pricing, the Average Sold price is still lower than the 2008 average of $369,244.  Compared to 2009, however, we're seeing a small improvement in prices.

Governor's Ranch Prices












Since Governor's Ranch hasn't had a significant number of distressed properties, we haven't had to face the consequences of markedly lower prices that have affected neighboring communities.  There is some even better pricing news in terms of Price Per Square Foot.  Governor's Ranch Home Sales in 2010 yielded a higher Price/Square Foot than 2009.  When considering Price/Square Foot for Finished square footage, 2010 was even better than the $134/SF from 2008 or the $128/SF in 2009.

Governor's Ranch P/SF 











According to the current list of properties for sale in Governor's Ranch, there are currently no Distressed Properties on the market.  This is, hopefully, another indicator that our neighborhood has stabilized.

With this week's Interest Rates still hovering around 5.0%, and prices starting to rebound, now is a perfect time to "trade up" to your dream home.  For a free consultation on your home's value, contact Littleton Realtor John Basila: (303)589-9034 or get your report via email.

Littleton Luxury Home Sales Improve In 2010

by John Basila

There are signs that life is returning to normal as Littleton Luxury Home Sales Improve In 2010.

After a dismal year in 2009, the number of sales of Littleton Luxury Homes improved significantly in 2010.  Although not quite at their levels from 2008, this past year's sales figures indicate that the market is coming back.


Littleton Luxury Home Sales












For the first time in a number of years, there were a few Distressed Properties included in these sales.  Three of the 22 Littleton Luxury Homes sold in 2010 were foreclosed properties.  As you can guess, this had a slight downward effect upon the average sales price.

Littleton Luxury Home Prices












Littleton Luxury Home Sales Improve In 2010 in terms of the length of time that properties have had to sit on the market awaiting sale.  The sales statistics for 2010 show that the average Days On Market (DOM) returned to 2008 levels.

Littleton Luxury Homes DOM












There are currently 48 Littleton Luxury Homes ($1Million+) available on the market.  Of these, eight are Distressed Sales, which means they are either Bank/Government-Owned or are in the process of attempting to secure a Short Sale.  View Littleton Luxury Homes For Sale

With Interest Rates for Jumbo Loans still very reasonable, and prices beginning to rise, now is a perfect time to take advantage of market conditions and purchase your dream home.

If you're interested in Selling your Littleton Luxury Home, contact John Basila for a personal consultation: (303)589-9034

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