You've probably heard it a lot throughout the last year - Denver Real Estate & Littleton Real Estate are in a strong Seller's Market, there's a limited inventory of homes for sale, prices for real estate are growing by leaps and bounds...

Denver Real Estate has been listed multiple times over the past year as a top market for price appreciation and speed of sale.  Did you know Littleton Real Estate slightly outperformed Denver Real Estate in 2015?

Littleton Real Estate prices for Single Family Residences (detached) grew by over 12% in 2015!!  The Median Value of Littleton homes sold was up to $371,000, slightly above Denver's Median Price of $342,500.

Littleton Real Estate continued to remain strong in 2015, with sales of Single Family Residences (detached) comparable to the past few years.

In a strong Seller's Market, you expect properties to sell quickly.  Littleton Real Estate was in such high demand in 2015, that properties lasted less than a week before they went "Under Contract".  Littleton Real Estate's 6 Days was slightly faster than Denver Real Estate's 8 Days.  We've developed a number of strategies that helped our Buyers & Sellers succeed in this frenzied market!

Littleton Real Estate continues to be strong, and we're still faced with a limited inventory of homes for sale.  If you're considering Selling Your House, please visit for a complimentary Property Evaluation.  You can also email or phone us for your customized report.