Columbine Hills Real Estate had another strong year in 2015.  Home sales remained steady while prices continued to increase and the length of time on the market declined.

It was a "Seller's Market" again in 2015 in Columbine Hills. Similar to the rest of Littleton, the neighborhood had a very limited inventory, which helped push the Median Days On Market down.

Overall, there were 63 homes sold in Columbine Hills in 2015, which is comparable to prior years.

With limited inventory and high demand, prices increased again in Columbine Hills in 2015.

Columbine Hills Real Estate enjoyed a nice increase in Median Sales Price in 2015.  This 10.3% increase was slightly behind the average for Littleton, which was 12.3%. 

Demand remains high for properties in the Columbine Hills neighborhood.  If you're considering selling your house, please feel free to go to for a complimentary pricing analysis for your property.  You can also call us at (303)589-9034 or email us at